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Fish Paté in a tube


Our creamy patés from the sea bring flavour to both breakfast and banquet. Tuna paté garnished with lemon balm makes a delightfully simple hors d’oeuvre. Boiled eggs, halved and topped with cod roe paté, are deliciously filling fare for the perfect picnic. And a few tablespoons of salmon paté will enrich cold sauces to savoury salty fullness.

Fish Patés in tubes are the ultimate in “good-to-have-on-hand” food. Each and every member of the family can have his or her own favourite flavour, ready to enjoy right out of the fridge. In Scandinavia, we love to squeeze a curl of paté on our breakfast egg or open sandwich for instance – not only tasty but pleasing to the eye as well.

Our fish patés are wholesome food, too. Our main ingredients like salmon and tuna are rich in nutritious polyunsaturated fats.



Fish Paté: Flavours of the sea in a tube

Product variations

Tuna: 100 g. Cod Roe: 100 g. Salmon: 100g. Crab meat: 100 g


Metal tube. Carton: 8 tubes

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