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Seafood from scandinavia

Cod Roe Paté


– spread on sandwiches to the children’s snacks or bring on the trip to the beach – enjoy your Kaviar sandwich with the taste of Scandinavia.

Spreads from the sea with a taste of Scandinavia.

Try to get a child to eat something that is not good. It is almost impossible. Children have discerning palates. That is why we are sure that our Kaviar will be A favorite of sandwich cold cuts. Occasionally salt. Occasionally smoked, creamy and full of flavors from the sea. Made the old-traditional manner with modern equipment with high quality standards.

Easy access to snack, lunch or picnic. On toast or as flavor enhancers in food. It has never been easier and tastier than now.



Cod Roe Paté

Product variations

One tube: 300 g


Metal tube. Carton: 12 tubes

Geographical fishing area

Norwegian Sea / Barents Sea

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